Want to read a laugh-out-loud book?

Pangamonium is a comic tale of adventure. The madcap story is set in the tiny Asian kingdom of Panga. The hero is a wannabe journalist looking for a big story, but instead he creates pandemonium everywhere he goes. He and his crazy-wise African partner enrage the oppressive military regime, attempt to liberate a bunch of child slaves, and search for an ancestor’s grave filled with pirate treasure. It’s a screwball satire with a heart of gold.

What are the critics saying?

Pangamonium is ‘an unusually well-crafted tale of insanity…one of the most hilariously gifted sculptors of parody to come around in a long time…side-splittingly hilarious to read…the pages flip so quickly, sparkling with parody and humor and witticisms and truths…a superb Gulliver’s Travels for our time!’
Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

‘A riot! This novel is so funny I laughed aloud in my sober study, and it is so frighteningly sharp I cut my finger and my heart turning the pages. A winner.’
Thomas Shapcott, judge of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards

‘A hugely enjoyable novel that accomplishes what most comic novels fail to do: to pursue a ludicrous conceit beyond its natural limits in order to make you consider the more serious underlying issues. Pangamonium is a novel that not only satisfies, but one that benefits from a second reading.’
Jamie Simpson, BestChapLit

‘Along with its farce and game-playing, Pangamonium is a sharp critique of global capitalism. Lively and intelligent, it shows genuine compassion for those who suffer while others get rich.’
Nigel Krauth, winner of The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award

‘…he’s come up with a winning creation in Easter, with his quest and mildly deranged airs… and the action is sharply paced.’
Owen Richardson, The Saturday Age

Pangamonium is a visual piece that would transfer well to film – full of sight gags, car chases, and riotous mayhem. It makes a mockery of the establishment, the media, and social norms.’
Ilura Press

Pangamonium is a novel at once literary and low-brow…it offers a comical and thought-provoking romp for any reader in the market for some fresh, edgy, original fiction.’
Dr Lara Cain Gray, This Charming Mum

‘Catkin has written a novel that is both literary and very accessible…Quirky, thought-provoking and completely different from anything else currently on the market…highly recommended.’
Samantha Bond, InDaily

‘Pangamonium is a pure political satire in the guise of a very funny story…I loved it as a comic straight story and also as a satire.’
Heather Stone, Bonzer

‘It’s laugh-out-loud satire, razor sharp, and deadly serious: it takes unblinking aim at the west’s addiction for cheap goods…a relentless, raucous and grand adventure…’
Patrick Allington, Slapdash

‘…many moments where I found myself actually cackling with laughter!’
Liam McCann, Grapeshot

‘A very funny book. A fine book. I loved it.’
Peter Goers, ABC Radio