Have you read and enjoyed Pangamonium?

Want to know more about the book for less than the cost of a sandwich?

All your questions—and some you haven’t thought of yet—are answered in…

The Ludic Mode of Pangamonium.

That’s right! Every single one.

For curious readers with a thirst for knowledge.

Available as an ePub or PDF from MidnightSun Publishing

And as a Kindle version from Amazon


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  1. Zanesh says:

    You mean, you wrote a whole book explaining your book? Isn’t that a bit crazy? I mean, a chef doesn’t serve you a second soup to explain the first one you had.

  2. Zanesh says:

    Dear Zanesh

    They made me do it. I didn’t want to, but they made me. But it’s not a big fat book, it’s a slim ebook of about 25,000 words. Admittedly, some very long words.

  3. Zanesh says:

    Who made you?

  4. Zanesh says:

    A university. They said, if I write this novel, and write an exegesis of the novel, they would trade it for a PhD.

  5. Zanesh says:

    But is it any good?

  6. Zanesh says:

    Yes it is. If you are a general reader of comic literary fiction, you might enjoy reading how the novel sprang into being. If you are a creative writing student, you might enjoy seeing the relationship of the novel and the exegesis. If you are an academic, you might enjoy the discussion of the ludic mode and how it operates in my book and exemplars.

  7. Zanesh says:

    See the review page for an independent assessment.

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