Epub and paperback from MidnightSun Publishing

Kindle from Amazon

In Australia you can ask any bookshop to order it in.

In Adelaide ask MidnightSun nicely and you might get a signed copy

3 Responses to Buy

  1. Zanesh says:

    Why can’t I just rock up to my local bookshop in Tuscaloosa and buy it?

  2. Zanesh says:

    Dear Zanesh, e-books can fly through the air like magic carpets for no dollars, so Kindle versions from Amazon are available and Epub versions from the publisher and other e-outlets make that easy. But pushing hunks of thick paper around on boats and trucks burns up real petrochemicals that cost a lot. And as your wonderful indie publisher, MidnightSun Publishing, is based on the world’s largest island at the end of the earth, it is quite a logistical challenge.

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