Paperback free shipping anywhere in the world from Fishpond

Epub and paperback from MidnightSun Publishing

Kindle from Amazon

In Australia you can ask any bookshop to order it in.

In Adelaide ask MidnightSun nicely and you might get a signed copy

3 Responses to Buy

  1. Zanesh says:

    Why can’t I just rock up to my local bookshop in Tuscaloosa and buy it?

  2. Zanesh says:

    Dear Zanesh, e-books can fly through the air like magic carpets for no dollars, so Kindle versions from Amazon are available and Epub versions from the publisher and other e-outlets make that easy. But pushing hunks of thick paper around on boats and trucks burns up real petrochemicals that cost a lot. And as your wonderful indie publisher, MidnightSun Publishing, is based on the world’s largest island at the end of the earth, it is quite a logistical challenge. Still, offers freight free shipping world-wide, so you can still buy it cheaper in Iceland than you can by waltzing into a bookshop in Australia. What an amazing world!

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